Call To Action!

Here we will list important issues currently in discussion on local, state and natnional levels and give information on what you can do to be heard.

Full Repeal of HB 6

For details, read here:

Please contact the following committee members:

James Hoops-R 614-466-3760
Cindy Abrams-R 614-466-9091
David Leland-D 614-466-7473
Brian Baldredge-R 614-466-2124
Kristin Boggs-D 614-466-1896
Rick Corfagna-R 614-466-1431
Sedrick Denson-D 614-466-1308
Michael O’Brien-D 614-466-5358
Phil Plummer-R 614-466-8051
Mark Romanchuk-R 614-466-5802
Kent Smith-D 614-466-5441
Dick Stein-R 614-466-9628
James Stephens-R 614-466-1366
Casey Weinstein-D 614-466-1177
Scott Wiggam-R 614-466-1474