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Fountain Point Solar project in Logan County will generate a lot of needed money to our county. The opposition is still strong even though their reasoning is more emotional than scientific, IMO. What can you do? You can write an email to the OPSB (Ohio Power Siting Board) to:

Reference Fountain Point and this case number: 21-1231-EL-BGN. Please ask everyone to send one in even if they already have in the past. It is super easy and will be such a big deal.

Here are some sample letters you can use to write your own:

*Please change these based on your personal interest in the project. The opposition is sending in many form letters and we would like to differentiate ourselves by giving our comments a more personal touch

“I fully support the Fountain Point Solar project in Logan County, Ohio. It will be a significant source of clean energy and contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Just as importantly, it will generate significant revenue for our county and many services that are in need of funding, including our local fire department.”

“The 285 megawatts of power generated by Fountain Point Solar represent a commitment to renewable energy that is important not just to our community but to local business interests who want more of their energy to come from renewable sources. Projects like Fountain Point show that we are ready to welcome businesses that want to be responsible partners and community members.”

“The projected annual revenue of over $2 million for the county will provide much-needed funding for important local services, including education, libraries, and emergency response. This is especially important for our local fire departments which are under-staffed and under-funded.”

“The funds allocated to the Benjamin Logan School district will help enhance educational resources and provide better opportunities for students in the community. This is important for an area that sees too many of its young people leave and not want to come back.”

“There are many good reasons to support the Fountain Point Solar Project. The additional funding for our library is sorely needed and is one of the most important in my mind.”

“The support for Fire/EMS services through the Fountain Point Solar project will enhance emergency response capabilities and ensure the safety of the county’s residents, and will achieve this without raising property taxes which is an important concern in our area.”

“The creation of 800 construction jobs during the project’s development phase will provide a significant economic boost to the local community and help stimulate the local economy. Other areas in Ohio have seen how this influx of workers, and customers for local business, is not simply a temporary boost to the economy but rather jump-starts local economies in a permanent and positive way.”

“The four permanent positions created by the project will provide long-term employment opportunities and contribute to the growth of the local job market.”

“Fountain Point Solar demonstrates the potential of renewable energy projects to drive economic development while reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Energy independence is a necessary thing for our country because of the increased volatility around the world.”

“Fountain Point Solar will contribute to a healthier environment and help combat climate change. It will also improve our local economy and provide much needed resources to our community. If that doesn’t meet the requirements of “public interest, convenience, and need,” I don’t know what would. “

“The construction and operation of Fountain Point Solar will bring positive attention to Logan County, attracting more investment and fostering economic growth. Honda is just one example of a company that does business in this part of Ohio and wants to reduce its carbon footprint. There are others as well. Renewable energy doesn’t just make sense for the environment, it makes sense for our economy as well.”

“Fountain Point Solar should be approved based on the requirements of the OPSB. A vocal minority of residents attempting to create the appearance of large-scale opposition should not be allowed to torpedo a project that would do so much good for our local community. There are plenty of us in the community who support the project, because of its positive economic and environmental impact.”

Email the OPSB (Ohio Power Siting Board):

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