Happy New Year!

2022 is finally here and politically this is a very important year. We have all seen the lows the GOP will go to to stay in power. There is absolutely nothing they won’t stoop to or destroy to keep their thugs in power. They will take away our Democracy if we allow them. That is the catch. IF WE ALLOW IT! We cannot sit by and watch them take American down that path. We just can’t let up or even take a break or they will take over. Now is the time to please, somehow, put a plan in place to support our local Democratic party this year. We have a huge job to do and we need all the volunteers we can get. If you can’t support us physically then please support us financially. We really need each and every one of you to help us fight this fight. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE NEED YOU TO GET OUT AND VOTE! When everyone votes, Democrats win! 

This Friday January 14 we will be hosting a Petition signature event at the Logan County Solid Waste building 1100 S Detroit St from 5-7 pm. We will have the petitions for all Statewide Democratic Candidates running for office there for signatures. We are asking you to stop by and sign the petitions so these Candidates can get on the ballot for the Primary election being held May 3, 2022. This is not asking you to vote for anyone. They just need so many signatures statewide to get on the ballot. You cannot sign if you are a registered Republican or registered with another party. Unaffiliated is acceptable to sign. Again, this is important we get these Candidates on the ballot so please stop by and sign. It will be a quick in and out. We do require you wear a mask inside the building and we will have extras available if needed. Thank you in advance! Jeff Sites will be there with his petition so if you have not met Jeff yet this would be a good opportunity to do so. Jeff is running against Jim Jordan for Congressional District 4. 

Our Adopt-A-Family event was very successful. Thank you to all who helped or donated in any way. We were able to provide a very nice Christmas for 6 kids in 2 families this year. A big shout out goes to Suzanne Dennis for wrapping the 71 gifts we delivered. Suzanne and Nancy Magnuson also delivered the gifts and they helped with the shopping too as did Debbie Piatt. Thank you gals! We couldn’t do it without you!

The reorganizing of the Logan County Democratic Party is underway and so far we have only 7 people file a petition to fill the Central Committee seat for their precinct. We do plan to have all seats filled so we will be calling all of you till we get a petition filed for each one. The filing deadline is February 2 at 4pm. If you want to avoid our calls, get your petition filed! This is a very important step for our party so please consider representing your precinct. 

Next LC Democrats Grassroots meeting is January 20 at 7:30pm. James Purvis will be the guest speaker. He is the author of Democrats 101. We will also be covering the latest information in advocacy. Please join us on zoom if you can.
The LC Democrats Grassroots website is:

Our next LC Democrats monthly meeting is Jan 27. At 7pm on zoom. Here is the link for it.

Meeting ID: 832 6205 5731
Passcode: 586667
One tap mobile 301.715.8592

 We always do a live feed on our FB page of this meeting if you just want to watch. You are welcome to join the meeting on zoom but only Executive Committee members can vote on motions made. If you would like to get more involved in the local party please feel free to attend our meetings.  

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next month. 

Our contact info:
Phone: 937-935-3492
Mail: PO Box 124 Huntsville, Oh 43324

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