Members of the Logan County Democratic Party’s Central Committee fill many important roles in the Democratic Party structure. Some duties include developing the mission, constitution, and bylaws of the Party. Members also elect the County Chair, lead, and work on various committees to serve our community and support Democratic Party members within the county. We represent voters in our precincts and help recruit others to join the Democrats of Logan County, Ohio!

Logan County Democratic Central and Executive Committee Officers:

Joe ReedChair
Barbra Gant1st Vice-Chair
Adam Brannon2nd Vice-Chair
Mandie RudolphSecretary
Sue NeerTreasurer

Logan County Democratic Central Committee:

VACANTFirst Ward A
Mark CooperFirst Ward B
Adam BrannonSecond Ward A
Joseph ReedSecond Ward B
Chris Hildreth BlairThird Ward A
Marcia CloningerThird Ward B
Marc TriplettFourth Ward A
VACANTFourth Ward B
Amanda RudolphBokescreek
VACANTWest Mansfield
Susan NeerHarrison
VACANTJefferson North
Michael GrahamJefferson South
Rob FultonLiberty
Deborah PiattWest Liberty
Dennis GrisezMonroe
James MyersPerry
Steve HudsonBelle Center
Kimberly DoughtyStokes North
Verna BartaStokes Southeast
VACANTStokes West
Garry MosierWashington North
VACANTWashington South
Gloria MajorRussells Point
Barbra GantZane

Additional Executive Committee Members:

Amy Pratt | Ann Beck | Brenda Sanford | David Harris | Don Bradley | Glenna Theis | Jim Hoffman | Joan Kelly | John Hickman | Kathy Clark | Kimberly Araki | Pat Cochenour | Robert Ward | Sandra Short | Steve Hudson | Suzanne Dennis

Responsibilities of Central and Executive Committee Members

To be a responsible Central and Executive Committee Member:

  • As a Democrat, vote in every election
  • Attend Executive Committee Meetings regularly to stay informed about all candidates and issues
  • Ensure your family, friends and neighbors are registered to vote — and vote in every election
  • Assist those who move into your precinct with a voter change of address
  • Provide absentee/early voting ballot application forms to those who are eligible to vote
  • Follow all duties as prescribed by the Ohio Revised Code

Support all Democratic candidates and their campaigns

  • Assist with gathering signatures for Democratic candidates by carrying petitions
  • Assist Democratic candidates find yard sign locations
  • Schedule precinct walks with candidates, family, neighbors and friends to distribute campaign literature, materials and yard signs
  • Attend fundraisers and/or other events benefiting Democratic candidates and the LCDP
  • Host a house meeting/coffee reception for a Democratic candidate
  • Write letters to your local newspaper editor that support Democratic positions and/or candidates

Support all Logan County Democratic Party activities

  • Attend fundraisers sponsored by the LCDP, Grassroots Democrats, and as many Democratic candidates events as possible
  • Volunteer to help your LCDP with special events and/or activities
  • Attend Democratic workshops and conferences — locally, state wide or nationally

Be an active and enthusiastic Democrat

  • Be positive and supportive of Democrats.  We can be our own best friend or our own worst enemy.
  • Know why you are a Democrat.  Know why you are involved in Democratic politics and why you believe others should be involved, too.  People will ask!
  • Be informed about all Democratic candidates and issues.  Know the backgrounds, strengths and qualifications of all Democratic candidates running for office — locally, state wide and nationally.  Know what the issues are and why they are important.
  • Make sure family, friends and neighbors vote in every election — as Democrats!
  • Recruit Democrats to volunteer for campaigns, invite them to Democratic meetings, fundraisers, events and/or other activities.
  • Assist in finding Democrats to fill vacant precinct seats who will be active, enthusiastic members.
  • Always be on the lookout for Democrats who will be good candidates for elective office!


Developed by David M. Ferrell, Clark County Democratic Party, Ohio

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